About us

We, Somatime Agadir was founded in 1958 in Agadir, Morocco with 50+ years of expertise and the aim of becoming one of the most reliable shipping Agent in the global market. Since then the company’s team of expert staff have enabled it to best serve the needs of our clients by determining the most feasible methods.

An in house drive to continuously improve the quality and reliability of the services offered to clients is of paramount importance. This is insured via a well-established and reliably linked network of dependable agents in all the principal countries. Therefore, Somatime Agadir Shipping Agency is able to assist clients thoroughly with timely and accurate preparation of documentation, satisfying all the requirements of customs authorities here in all Morocco ports.

Somatime Agadir licensed by the Government of Morocco to act as Shipping Agents & Marine Suppliers in Morocco ports and conduct all ship related business.

Shipping professionals who have vast marine experience in their respective fields runs the company. We are committed and dedicated to provide best services and quality of work to our clients for their entire satisfaction, we assure the excellence of our service, fair and reasonable price at more cost effective as per our clients requirements.

The staffs are well versed with port operation and work closely with stevedores for planning efficient stowage & discharge

of cargoes, and controlling requisite availability space on quay & trucks, etc to ensure speedy dispatch of vessels.

The company enjoys excellent relations with government agencies like Port / Customs higher authorities.


  • Morocco ports Marine agent and Transit Agent
  • Cargo claims handled by the Operations Department of the company’s management section.
  • Securing cargo inward & outward of Morocco through the company.
  • Assisting vessels with hold/tanks inspections, cargo, on-hire/off-hire and other surveys.
  • Supplying new/used spare parts through the company’s technical supply department.
  • Garbage & slop disposal.
  • Bunker Supply
  • Crew Manning, Change and Repatriation
  • Owners Protective Agency
  • Delivery Voyages (Voyage and Demolition)
  • Securing cost effective stevedoring, and high quality ship repairs & supplies, and other Services.
  • Any other service required in the interest of the ship owners or valued clients.

Departments & contact

President :Ahmed Neham
Administrator : Hubert ALLEON
Administrative & Financial Dept. : Lahmadi M’hamed
Shipping Dept. : Smail AMZGHAL, Fatima FEHMI & Hana ABOUGHAL
Forwarding Dept. : Aicha EDDAHOUM, Hind EDDAHOUM, Rachid Oumansour & GUIREH Ahmed
Airfreight Dept : Fatima EL ACHIQI & Samir ENNOUBY
Surveillance Service : AIT TAHIRA Mohammed
Harbour & Handling : SLIM Hossam

Head office

Société Maritime d’Agadir, Immeuble Al Wataniya
Boulevard Mohamed V, Po.Box 307 – Agadir – Morocco
Phone : +212 528 84 03 04
Fax : +212 528 84 00 32
E-Mail: info@somatime.ma

Garage at Agadir Harbour

Area : 800m2
Address : Port Commercial Anza – Agadir


7 Loaders (from 1,2 up to 3m3)
3 Forklifts
Different equipments and tools for handling operations
Service station for mecanic repair
Gazoil tank (5.000 Ltrs)

Our staff

Permanents : 27
In participation with Stevedore Association : 100 dockers
Non permanent : 10 to 60 dockers