Somatime was founded in 1959 in Agadir/Morocco and harnesses over sixty years of experience. The company is licensed by the Moroccan government and acts as a shipping agent, marine supplier and conducts all shipping related activities in ports over different cities in Morocco.

La société est gérée par des professionnels comptant plusieurs années d'expérience et ayant pour vision de devenir l'une des sociétés de transport maritime les plus fiables du marché mondial.

Our team of experts, which includes 27 members and 170+ Dockers, have been continuously improving the quality and reliability of the services throughout the years in order to serve our customers’ needs. We are committed and dedicated to provide the best services at fair and reasonable prices and using the most practical equipments such as 7 loaders, 3 forklifts, different tools for handling operations a service station dedicated to mechanic repair as well as a 5 litre gasoil tank and last but not least a 800m2 garage.

SOMATIME s'appuie sur un large réseau de partenaires choisis pour leur fiabilité et entretient d'excellentes relations avec le gouvernement et les autorités marocaines.